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It's currently the year 2008, and tensions between foreign countries are rising. The U.S.'s economy is slowly falling into recession due to financial and corporate businesses falling out of business because of bankruptcy and lack of federal and financial payment. About a year later stocks bail, plunging the United States into a deep recession,  during the recession people are either laid off or forced to find another job. Slowly as 2009 went by, more and more jobs were lost, as unemployment rate increased. During the winter of 2009 (December) stocks went up and down showing lack of stability in the economy. By the time 2010 comes by the stocks instantly drop back into the negatives, then back into the positives. Not only is the U.S. having to deal with the economy but also the war on terror in Afghanistan, the progress of trying to end the war has gone on far too long, putting the president into a rough situation. March 2010 the U.S. President orders a new strategy to not only end the war but safely bring the soldiers back home. The plan was to somehow put an end to the Al-Quada regime therefore possibly ending the war on terrorism.


Nearly two months later on May 21, 2010 the United States forms a new military force or rather a new name for the U.S. military it was to be known as the J.S.F (Joint Strike Force) following the U.S. is Europe also having creating a new military force known as the EU (European Federation).  In response to the creation of a new military force, N. Korea threatens to launch an ICBM test fire into Mongolia and China or rather into the cities of Ulaanbaatar, and Hong Kong.  Immediately deciding what should be done to stop the attack on the two cities, U.N. president Mike Naïf orders an invasion into mainland North Korea. The plan is to send three groups of special forces units, the first being U.S. Navy Seals, then the third being the SAS, and the fourth being U.S. Delta Force operatives. All three Special Forces groups silently make their way into Pyongyang which is widely known for ICBM tests throughout N. Korea. As soon as the three Spec OP groups reach their objective they are ordered to wait till Kim yung II arrives for the final sequence of the ICBM launch. The moment came at approximately 8:42:78 on June 5, 2010, that Kim Jung II made his appearance to the group of Special Forces units and that he would finally meet his doom by taking a round to the head, instantly killing him.


In the seconds that followed, the Special Forces units watched as workers scrambled to find the assassins that murdered their commander in chief and leader of N. Korea. Before the workers could catch the Special OPS, it was too late. Immediately following the assassination of Kim Yung II, a single Black Hawk helicopter was awaiting the extraction of the Special Force operatives in a flat grassy field just only 500 ft. from one of the main ICBM silos. Their mission was complete, and they were headed back home were they would celebrate the success of the mission. Meanwhile over at Edwards Air Force Base California, workers are just finishing up the last of the X-20 RazorBacks. These are the top of the line aircraft which have much more sophisticated avionics, and much more. The design of the X-20 is made to be stealthy and can stand higher altitudes when doing reconnaissance. Secretary of defense Tom Heinz has asked for an order of 700 Razorbacks as well as the special munitions that it's able to carry. August 28, 2010 Russia follows the U.S. and Europe by forming a new military force known as the Bears. With this new military Russia thinks they can out smart both the U.S. and Europe during a war. But it's not always about out smarting your enemy, it's about the decisions and strategies that are made that can decide the outcome of a war or battle. Meanwhile after the loss of Kim Yung II N. Korea looked for a way to get vengeance for the death of Kim Yung II. Within weeks, the U.S. sends over government spies to track what strategies the N. Koreans are planning to use against the U.S.  And Europe on December. 9, 2010 the CIA gather Intel on a possible developing plot from within N. Korea.


Meeting with the secretary of defense, U.S. president Timothy halls explains the possibilities of such an attack on the American homeland.  "I think we should reconsider moving our defenses from a single location?" explained the president. "Enlighten me as to why we should reconsider moving our forces from a single position?" asked the secretary of defense. "Well having said that, our defenses would most likely be more accurate with taking down enemy ICBMS within a matter of seconds without causing little or no damage if they were spread evenly across the country." Explained the president. "Well if you say that, then don't you have to get some kind of permission from me?" asked Myers. "No I actually don't need your authorization to accomplish this kind of task." Informed the president.

"Then nothing more needs to be said, is that right?" asked Myers. "I guess you're right, but still I have the authority to begin the process.


After the conversation involving the President and secretary of defense, FBI director Juan Cho called and informed the president of a suspicious transmission that came most likely from somewhere within N. Korea. And that it may very possibly be a message of warning to the American people. Not a moment later, President Tim orders an investigation on finding as to where the transmission was found within a 24 hour time limit. During those 24 hours investigators found no trace of the transmission leaving the investigation dead in its tracks, and so the investigation ends leaving the president asking himself what will happen next? The next morning as president Tim heads to the white house he's told about a missile test that will involve two missiles one being a ICBM being launch from NORAD which in most cases is rare in any circumstance even during a test fire it's usually not allowed, but however will make the test as real as possible. The second missile being a THAAD missile that carries no explosives will counter the ICBM threat and take it out safely without causing any serious damage to the nearby cities or towns below the impact zone.  


In response to the missile test, North Korea decides to launch one of its own missiles during thing initial sequence of the missile test. In some cases it might take the American people by surprise, and without warning kill thousands of Americans, which mostly will put America at war with North Korea. But the N. Koreans thought one last time before pulling the trigger, they knew that somewhere within the U.S. there's a base that tracks every possible threat that could or might endanger the Americans in any way. Taking command of the N. Korean government as well as the N. Korean military is Kin Jin Hang or Jin Hang for short. Jin Hang was widely known throughout N. Korea as the top ranked generals in the Korean People's Army. However Jin wasn't as cocky as most N. Korean military officials thought he was. He was always determined to face the worst, even if that meant making the toughest decisions to save Korea from any type of event. If its war or a battle or any other type of situation he will do whatever it takes to accomplish that task. January. 17, 2011 the United States begins its missile defense test. Holding his chair as hard as possible, president Tim watches in awe as the test goes on for 10 minutes, within those 10 minutes anxiety started to kick in, everybody watched as the missiles flew through the light blue sky toward each other. After the 10 minute mark, both missiles collide with each other each leaving no trace of their existence like as they disappeared without a trace, in any way the test went successful and it let the American people know who or what was on their side.




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World War III

A world in flames, Nation vs. Nation. This is the war the will change history

Forever. One day on Sand Island, the crew of an Elite Air Force

Squadron is stationed and is to wait for any call that would get them into action.

While the crew of four pilots were sitting around and talking, a loud explosion

Was heard out of their base, bomb after bomb raining down on the runway and

Hangers that the noise was hard to overcome. The base commander told everyone

To quickly take-off and destroy the fighters and bombers that were bombarding the

Base. "Get to it, get out there and take those fighters out!" yelled the Base Commander.

But then a completely loud explosion than that of the first one, destroyed the entire base

Leaving no remnant of the buildings.


After being informed about the situation, the U.S. President contacts NORAD if they had

Tracked any ICBM's within the Sand Island region. But they deny tracking any missile

Heading toward the base, wondering what had happened to the base would go

Unexplained.  The only thing remaining is to find out who's responsible for

This action. Two months later the United States Coast Guard were sent out to the

Small Island to find any survivors that are in need of help. But to their surprise

No survivors were found, not even one. Returning to San Diego, then reporting

Not finding any survivors shocked the military. "I want to know who's responsible

For doing this?" the President explained. "This will be war!" the President mumbled.

So it was later decided that the U.S. should go to war with North Korea, and Iran that

Caused the Sand Island bombardment, and destruction. About five-months later

Congress approves the idea and declares war on the nations that were held responsible

For killing over 900 crew on the Island. It was the start of World War Three.


Now the buildup of military powers begins. Russia starts to build up its Army to an

Unimaginable size, where as Russia's Army could be hard to fight off. Next is north

Korea creating thousands of tanks, and vehicles to make its army tough. Over

500,000 North Korean soldiers are sent to various places throughout the world.

The U.S. President's next plan is to issue a Treaty that would limit nations from

Building too many missiles, and vehicles, including personal. But one question

Remains, what kind of strategy will the enemy use against the U.S.? Meanwhile

At the Pentagon, the Joint Chief of Staff plans an attack on the hostile nations

Like Russia, and North Korea. U.S. Nuclear Submarines are dispatched to

Several parts of the world, the U.S. Navy sends 12 nuclear submarines to

Different areas of the world, five of the nuclear submarines are sent to

The Yellow Sea was they'll patrol.  But the biggest problem was that of

North Korea and Iran being supplied with extra weapons like ICBM's,

Which could not only pose a serious threat to the U.S. but also to the entire world?

Thankful for having the THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense).



THAAD is a system where it can shoot down short and Medium Range

Ballistic Missiles using a Hit-to-Kill approach. The only thing is the THAAD

Carries no warhead but only relies on Kinetic Energy of the impact. But

Many believe that this system might work, and others believe it won't.

In other words this new system will prevent the U.S. from firing

Their own ICBM's, it would also eliminate enemy missiles entering

The American airspace from reaching its destination. The only

Question is will THAAD turn the tide of the war, if it's deployed for combat.

The answer may lie within the weapon system itself. For now the U.S. and

Other allied nations have to rely on what they have, to fight the war. The

U.S. taking extreme caution, with (North American Aerospace Defense

Command or commonly known as NORAD, is the only base in the U.S.

To track down missiles, to just about anything across the globe. Still

Concerned about how the war will be won, remains a mystery, as

For the threat of a Nuclear War, allied countries need to take

Action to avoid the threat of an imminent Nuclear War. The

War which had already been going on for 3 years is raising a lot

Of tension, between the superpower nations. North Korea

On the other hand is desperate for a all out Nuclear War, but

The U.S. President went and talked with the U.N. about what

The allied nations are going to do about this serious threat by North

Korea. The worst this can get is by pulling off the wrong move and alert

The other hostile countries, sending the entire world into a Holocaust. 



With the U.S. Government, the CIA Agency, tracking down the wanted

Combatants reveal a number of combatants that may have been involved

With the attack on Sand Island, but it still remains unclear where the

Combatants might be hiding, as for the Special Forces they could be assigned

To search for the Perpetrators. The reward would be $100,000,000 if anyone or

All of the perpetrators are found. Not only is the U.S. Government interested in

Searching for these combatants, their also interested in finding a way

To bring the war to a complete halt. Thinking that negotiating with the

Countries will bring the war to a stop, isn't a good idea nor will the idea work

Now that the countries have stopped listening to other countries rather than

Their own Allies. Russia, China, and North Korea even Iran had cut communications

From the U.S. so that there would be no talks about ending the war. Plans have

Been made to force a section of the Army to move into both Iran and North Korea

To fight off the North Korean and Iranian forces.


Meanwhile, the thought of disabling the Nuclear Weapons in both North

Korea, China, and Iran were a great idea. Might seem to be an impossible idea

To begin with. If the plan were to happen the U.S. would send out their Special

Forces to disable the Nuclear Ballistic Missiles in those countries. World War 3

Might seem like a regular war, but in fact it isn't, the war can go two different

Ways one would be that of superpowers against superpowers also meaning

The World at War. Or the second way is a Nuclear War against all countries.

Over at NORAD, the Base commander alerted the entire U.S. to Defcon 2

Now that North Korea and Iran having launched two Ballistic Missiles toward

The U.S. it would mean disaster. At least the U.S. has the THAAD system

To defend itself from Ballistic Attacks, The first THAAD launch was in

New Mexico since the enemy Ballistic Missile is headed in that direction

Needs to be shot down before it's too late and before many get hurt. Being

Calm about the situation, the U.S. President quickly announces

To the nation that two Ballistic Missiles were fired to, two

Different places within the U.S. and that everyone needs to remain

Calm for whatever they do. In the meantime the Department of

Defense needs to make decisions that will hopefully overrun, the

Hostile countries. The U.S. Army currently fending off enemy

Forces in and around the Middle East, are taking critical



 The scene of what was going on in the Middle East and North Korea is

Something that nobody could imagine, it was complete chaos with

Missiles, bombs, and lots of gun fire that overwhelms the Battlefield.

It was the explosions that were completely overwhelming the entire

Battlefield, in every country. Hundreds of bombers filled the sky

Within them were JDAMS, and MK82 bombs that would do so much

Damage. Trying to put down suppressive fire, U.S. forces move into

The Pyongyang area, where they might find one of the combatants

That was responsible for the Sand Island bombing act. But to no

Avail, the forces finally found one of the combatants by infiltrating

A large 10 story building and dragged the combatant to a humvee

To be interrogated by one of the chief commanders. As soon as

The combatants were caught and interrogated they were sent

To prison camps were they will be held for certain years.  At

The same time but in a different location, U.S. Army Rangers are

Sitting ducks on top of a mountain in Iran and are taking heavy

Fire by insurgents that are somewhat 2 miles away. One

Of the Rangers with a M107 gets into position to take out

The five battle hardened insurgents. The Ranger then squeezes down on

The trigger and knocks out one by one until their all gone. But by then it


Was too late, a SU-32 Fullback drops five unguided bombs on the

Mountain top, killing 3 of the U.S. Army Rangers. Leaving 2 surviving

Within the sandy and barren region of Iran. They then call for a helo to

Come and transport them back to safety. Back at the White House

U.S. President James makes a number of ideas and plans to out number

The hostile countries that the U.S. is currently at war with.



A couple of months later the U.S. President then orders 18,000

Extra soldiers into the War Zone, totaling 599,900 in the hostile

Regions of the Middle East, and North Korea. The U.S. President

Also limited the number of News Reporters in each of those regions

So that some of the war footage is hidden from viewers that are not

Comfortable seeing complete destruction. One of the Chief Commanders

Of the U.S. Army says some of the plans that U.S. President James makes

Could out due the U.S. But there is one plan that the commander has

Decided to use against the North Korean's since his forces are in the

Pyongyang Region.


Chief Commander Jason of the Armed Forces

Wanted to show the Korean's that they were weak, they way

Jason wants to intimidate the North Korean's is by bringing in

All of his forces into the city and eliminating the N. Korean Army. His

Only intention is eliminating the force itself not including civilians.

Which in this case may harm the U.S.'s relationship with N. Korea if by

Any means they surrender at the end of the war. In the Middle

East with the U.S. fighting against Iran, U.S. armed forces also

Decide to capture the capital of Iran in this case Tehran lying

In the middle of the country leaving the U.S. with a challenge

to get to the capital in less than a month. The Iranian President

Warns that if the U.S. Military invades the capital there would

Be consequences such as all of Iran's ICBM's being launched across

The world dooming the entire planet. But if the U.S. forces

Can manage to do the operation without alarming the North

Korean Guards, the mission will then be a success. The U.S.

President and Military officials thought that after the mission

Is complete, they'll send out B-52's and B-1 Lancers to wipe out

The remaining facilities. Not only is North Korea the only country

With Nuclear Facilities, Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq. But what the

U.S. Military is trying to find is Facilities that may contain Rocket Fuel,

And nuclear chemicals. After having an E-3 Sentry survey the Sinjar, Iraq

area, they then found what appeared to be Rocket Fuel, and several

Nuclear facilities within the city.


Karkar and Buhriz also showed signs of Nuclear weapon development, so

The U.S. Department of Defense came up with a unique strategy to wipe out

and decimate the region free of nuclear waste. Normally when the U.S. goes

Into a place such as a Nuclear Facility and having to destroy Ballistic Missiles,

it always has to be done carefully in other words the U.S. Navy Seals or

Special Forces have to be really sinister and sneaky with their attacks, which therefore

Hide their movement. Meanwhile but in the air, the U.S. Air Force has assembled five to

Seven squadrons in single formation that extended for half a mile long. The surprise came when an extra two squadrons came joined up with the rest of the formation of aircraft that the first mission would start for the Air Force just flying only about 3,000 ft.

Above friendly forces, this would mean that the ground forces on the ground would get

All the support they needed. At the same time, the United Kingdom's SAS (Special Air Service) pair up with the U.S. Special Forces unit aka Ghost Recon to eliminate





Twin Towers II

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There's been many complaints following the construction of a new building and site in the Ground Zero area. With the exception of having three designs, The first would be a single Freedom Tower or One World Trade Center (New name for the Freedom Tower) with four other futuristic Designs, The Second design would be two Freedom Towers or Twin Freedom Towers, the third design would be the constructing of the Old World Trade Center with a new
design that will have 2 reflecting pools, 3 new buildings (3 World Trade Center, 5 World Trade Center, and 4 World Trade Center, with a replica of the building's facade when the Buildings fell). Many Propose the Twin Towers II design, but others are saying that the old World Trade Center design is not worth building, a design like the Freedom Tower aka One World Trade Center is a futuristic design to many others in New York.

Twin Towers II
Twin Towers II

Freedom Tower aka One World Trade Center
freedom tower.jpg

(Center) Reflecting Pool, (Far Left) One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower to most).
(Behind One WTC) 7 World Trade Center. (Right of 7 World Trade Center) 2 World Trade Center, with all four glass structures tilting toward the reflecting pools. Right, Next to 2 World Trade Center) Three World Trade Center. (Far Right) 4 World Trade Center. (Location were imaginary camera's located, or were the viewer's looking from) 5 World Trade Center.

Twin Freedom Towers

All of these are radical designs, Yet one would have to be chosen. Many People
are bragging about the Twin Towers II design and the Twin Freedom Towers design because
they have something in common with the old World Trade Center. As of August 4, 2009 the construction of a new World Trade Center is way behind on its scheduled opening ceremony date sometime in 2013.

September 10th, 2009 Progress


The United States Air Force Thunderbirds are the Elite Air Demonstration Squadron for the
U.S. Air Force. Performing over 73 shows per year, the Thunderbirds show the crowd of
thousands of people what Aerobatic Maneuvers are like in real air combat. Usually the
Thunderbirds are the finale of an airshow, being the last aerial formation of an airshow.
The Thunderbirds perform radical stunts that modern day pilots use in real life combat.

The Thunderbirds were started in the 1950's were they first used the F-86 Sabre as their
Demonstration Aircraft. Since then their aerobatic maneuvers have changed so have their
aircraft. But as it is the U.S.A.F. Thunderbirds are certainly one of the best Aerobatic
Squadrons to get everyone's attention. Not only do the Thunderbirds perform at airshows,
they also do flybys at Football stadiums, with all six aircraft in formation.


Scientists have said that the O-Zone is eroding away due to environmental pollution
by cars,etc. Saying that this planet may lose its O-Zone and could cause
problems such as the suns rays burning the planet let alone the humans as
well. But some believe that this is a hoax so people can realize whats going on.
2060 was the estimated guess that the O-Zone was going to collapse in on itself.
But No one knows for sure exactly. If it were to happen then worldwide chaos
would emerge.

Source SDK

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Source SDK is a Source Developer's Kit, that comes with STEAM and is free.
This tool allows the user to build, and edit maps from games that are a
Half-Life 2 game or modification. The program is pretty much like the
Developer's Kit, that all Game developer's use, but is made to be a little easy
for the user to use. But Source SDK is also sometimes hard to use. Not
only can you edit maps with the program Hammer, but you can also use
the Model Viewer to edit models from Half-Life games. But most of all
Source SDK is a free program that will allow you to construct, and edit
about any map that's HL2 formatted.

Submarines (SSN)

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Submarines started out as small boats that would dive then re-surface, during
their missions. During World War 1, Germany sought of eliminating Britain's
Supply lines, across the Atlantic. When that idea came true the first U boat
was created and thus the start of Submarine warfare would begin. during the
two year war of World War 1, Germany sent U Boats to destroy Britain's cargo
ships. But the day that would change this war, was on May 7, 1915 when U-20
mistakened the Passenger Liner for a Tanker, the commander of U-20 fired one
torpedo and hit the Liner sinking it instantly.

Within minutes the Lusitania was sunk due to a misunderstanding of war. The
same event happened when another U Boat was thought of sinking the HMSHS
Britannic was sunk in 1916. At the start of World War 2, Germany's new dictator
Adolf Hitler ordered nearly 10,000 U boats built. Many U Boats managed to stop
U.S. and British convoys but were sunk by either depth charge or Torpedo. Some
U Boats during World War 2 were captured such as U-505 and U-110 which were
sent to the surface after being hit by depth charges. U-505 was the cause of uncovering
the Enigma, and Coding Documents.

After World War 2, the U.S. decided to build a Nuclear Submarine. The first Nuclear Submarine to be commissioned was the USS Nautilus. It was proven that Nautilus had
a Reactor that would generate enough energy for a submarine to stay down underwater
for a long amount of time. Then the U.S. began building more advanced Nuclear Submarines
like the USS Permit, Scorpion, and Thresher. but in 1962 the inevitable happened the
USS Thresher with all aboard sunk during a diving drill, and no survived. The submarines hull
wasn't built for a depth of 2,000 ft. which is why the submarine sunk with all aboard.

After the Cold War ended, the U.S. began building more highly advanced Nuclear
Submarines like the USS Sea Wolf (SSN 21) in 1990. The U.S. also built the Los
Angeles Class Submarines to be able to carry VLM or (Vertical Launch Missiles).
during the Gulf War. The U.S. Navy was ordered to have all U.S. Submarines fire at
designated targets during the war. Before the start of the Gulf War, Submarines like
the Ohio class were built, the Ohio class submarine would be the longest Nuclear
Submarine ever. But the U.S. wasn't the only country to create Nuclear Submarines
Russia and China, also built submarines, but not of perfect means. The submarines Russia, and China had built were out of shape and had reactor problems. The K-19 incident was good example of Reactor Failure.

The Los Angeles Class

Los Angeles Class Submarine

The Ohio Class


Ohio Class



Sea Wolf Class


Russian Submarines

The Akula Class


The Typhoon Class


Kilo Class



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Metallica one of the most known and popular bands of all time, that there also the
oldest band to play at the age of 50. With top hit tracks such as Master of Puppets and
For Whom the Bell Tolls, they gained so many fans throughout their 80's to 90's career. after their 2003 career Metallica decided that they needed a new album because they were losing
many fans so they came up with Death Magnetic which wasn't released until September of 2008 with ten new songs. 1981 - ? so Far Metallica has been a band for 28 yrs.

For Whom the Bell Tolls Live

The Song For Whom the Bell Tolls came from the novel Ernest Hemingway a 1940's novel during WWII. which is about a young American by the name of Robert Jordan that was with the anti-Fascist Guerrilla Group during the Spanish Civil War. The Theme of the Novel was primarily Death, Jordan knew that whenever He blew up a bridge he knew he wasn't going to survive. Then in 1981 Metallica used this Title for one of their songs in their Ride the Lightning Album which was released in 1984.

For Whom the Bell Tolls Music Video (Studio Version)

Master of Puppets, one of the most known and popular Metallica songs ever written
and was also the first Trash Metal song, it was also the name of the Album which was released in 1986 in Copenhagen Denmark. The song is about Drugs and how they can control you and how things can get switched around, instead of what your taking doing, it's the drugs controlling you." explained James Hetfield. The "Chop your breakfast on a mirror" in the lyrics mainly refer to preparing Cocaine. This song was rated 33rd on the Rolling Stones heavy metal song list. The song and it's three minute downpicking and long instrumental section makes it a fast thrash metal song.

Master of Puppets Live Seattle 1989

Master of Puppets Studio Version.

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