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A basic timeline on this experience:


May 2009: Via the auto auction, we purchase a used 2008 Dodge Ram 2500 (Quad Cab, Big Horn Edition, 6.7L)

October 2009: After having my truck inspected for 5th wheel readiness, we start shopping for a 5th wheel trailer

October 2009: We enter an agreement to purchase a 2010 Road warrior 395RW


October 2009: 3 days before we take receipt, I back out after determining my truck would have been insufficient.

January 2010: We begin shopping for a larger truck – a Ford or Dodge Dual Rear Wheel (DRW) heavy duty

January 2010: After hitting every dealer in an 80 mile radius, we find a suitable truck: 2009 Ram 3500 MegaCab


February 2010: One day after purchasing the truck, we’re back at Sierra RV re-negotiating our trade-in and purchase. We come to closure and again sign papers. The new RV is slated for pickup on February 5th.


The big challenge now is to ensure I can back this rig into my RV space. Based on measurements, I’d only have 2 inches to either side of my gate. My sawze-all is ready.

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