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Many have asked for my recipe, so I'm going to finally publish how I put together this awesome meal. It's not inexpensive, but is relatively easy to make.

Let's begin:

Fresh ingredients required (feeds 4-5):

1x Pound pealed/deveined shrimp
3-4x lobster tails
2x chicken breasts
1x box of cherry tomatoes (any variety, but organic is best)
Green onion/chives
Fresh Garlic
Mushrooms (or in jars)

Other ingredients:

Course ground black pepper
Cayenne pepper (if you choose)
Course ground sea salt
Bertoli or Newmans Mushroom white pasta sauce (x3 bottles)

My grocery haul:


Lightly coat a frying pan with virgin olive oil, add the mushrooms, shrimp and chicken. Peel and crush fresh garlic into the mixture, add seasonings to taste.

20150427_090714.jpgWhile that's all cooking, pour the pasta sauce into the slow cooker (crockpot), add seasoning to taste (at least pepper and salt).

20150427_090911.jpgNow its time to steam the lobster tails. Add water to your steamer, toss in the lobster tails and steam for ~15-20 minutes.

20150427_091150.jpgWhen the lobster is done, cut into generous portions and toss into the crockpot along with all the other fresh ingredients. Slow cook for ~6 hours, then warm until ready to serve.

Now it's time to slice the cherry tomatoes in half and cut the green onion/chive up and put over the pasta sauce/fresh mixture. Complete cooking the pasta and pour the sauce/meat over the noodles and serve.

I hope you enjoy as much as my family does.


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