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Chronology of Service Issues w/Utah Diesel Center

10 October (Tuesday): Dropped truck off due to delivery of RevMax transmission (this was scheduled as an appointment for this day). Cameron committed that all work would be complete and tested by 12 October (Thursday), end of day. Note that written instructions were provided, along with a fuel rail release valve (plug) with the truck. The full RevMax installer instructions and requirements were provided in printed form.

12 October (Thursday). No phone call to indicate completion of the truck. Tried phoning multiple times to get status, but just got attitude from the two ladies answering the phone. After some discussion, I was told that Cameron went home Ill and needed to see a doctor and thus no further work on my truck would occur this day.

13 October (Friday). Spoke to Cameron, he indicated he wanted the truck for the remainder of the day to continue testing and that he JUST learned that RevMax required evidence/proof of a newly purchased transmission line pressure sensor and he'd need to go to the dealership. Truck not completed on Friday and Cameron indicated the truck would sit at Utah Diesel Center over the weekend. I expressed my disappointment.

16 October (Monday). Spoke to Cameron again to determine if truck would be ready on this day and he indicated that both truck batteries were found to be dead this morning because the hood (with an OBVIOUS underhood light) was left open, thus killing both batteries. He'd need to spend most of the day charging the batteries before he could test drive the truck. After more phone calls by me, I discovered that Cameron had to get the truck towed to a local Dodge dealership because the dead battery condition now prevented the truck from being started.

17 October (Tuesday). Spoke to Cameron again to confirm all the transmission relearn functions had been executed against and if I could retrieve my truck. I was told they'd need it yet another day.

18 October (Wednesday). Phoned again multiple times to try to ascertain status. After at least 4 phone calls, I was told my truck was ready for pickup. I inquired as to what transpired at the dealership and why a purportedly reputable service center would require a tow to a dealership and was not provided any response. I was given transport to Utah Diesel Center, asked to get specifics about the trucks status and was met with attitude from the front desk ladies. I indicated that I would not pay the requested $5900 until Cameron went for a drive with him. Cameron relented, and the truck appeared to drive fine. The new FASS150 fuel pump was fairly loud, but I was told that was perfectly normal. Upon completion of quick check ride, I paid via credit card.

I then asked if my core return transmission (worth $2000 refund to me) was returned and the ladies indicated it essentially wasn't their problem and that I had to handle it. From the Utah Diesel Center front-desk, I began making phone calls to secure return shipment of the core transmission, so I could get my $2000 core charge back.

I drive home. I'm nearing half tank of fuel and generally try to keep a full tank. I hit my local South Jordan Costco to fuel up. Upon starting to fuel, I immediately notice that fuel is dumping directly onto the pavement. It's clear that when the fuel tank was removed to install the fuel pump, the filler nozzle was not reattached to the fuel tank. I phone Utah Diesel Center to inform them, but indicate that I could not return the truck immediately because we had plans for the weekend and that I'd attempt to fix it myself.

As I had to return to work, I decided to go to Sindy auto (Murray, Utah). The mechanic at Sindy climbed underneath and within a few minutes retrieved a rag that was inserted into the fuel tank side and indicated that YES - the filler nozzle was not reconnected to the fuel tank. I have him do the work and depart.

I return to Costco to fuel-up. I get to a full tank and the nozzle clicks, but again I notice fuel dumping to the ground. I climb underneath and determine that the newly installed fuel pump is likely not installed correctly leaving the top of the fuel tank open and allowing a full tank of fuel to slosh around and leak. I again call Utah Diesel Center and Cameron to inform.

20 October (Friday). The wife and I had taken this day off as PTO to drive to Wendover for the weekend. The drive there was uneventful, but upon arriving at the local Smith grocery store and turning the truck off, we immediately note that the truck doesn't want to start. The fuel pump is making a noise like it was struggling to prime. I phone Utah Diesel Center again and am given Cameron's cell phone number. I speak to Cameron and he seems perplexed as to what the issue may be. He suggests that I pop the hood, open a few high-pressure fuel lines and crank the engine to see if air has somehow gotten into the fuel system; that wasn't about to happen. Instead, we continue to keep trying to start the truck, stepping on the accelerator until after ~10 attempts, the truck starts and keeps running. I call Cameron to let him know we got the truck started but that we're worried we're going to have to get towed back from Wendover. I inform Cameron that I would again drop the truck off Monday morning (23 October).

23 October (Monday). I arrive at 0730 with nobody accessible. After ~20 minutes, I approach a mechanic and ask if he can look at the truck and I explain the leaking fuel and start-up issues. I ask why the fuel rail plug that I have provided (new in packaging) was not installed nor returned and the mechanic has no response. I phone that afternoon to inquire as to status on my truck and am simply told, it won't be done today.

24 October (Tuesday). After 1400, I phoned to inquire as to status and am told the truck is ready. I ask about status, and am told to speak with Cameron, but he's too busy to come to the phone. We drive south to Pleasant Grove yet again to retrieve the truck. No issues the remainder of the day.

25 October (Wednesday).  Took the truck to Larry H. Miller Dodge in Sandy to have them retrieve CVI codes (clutch pressue values) because Utah Diesel Center couldn't. This was a required step to get my RevMax transmission warranty activated. No issues with CVI values per RevMax after phoning Tom at RevMax. Back to work

1600, I depart work for home. Upon turning South on Bangerter highway from 5300 South, I get a check engine light and think I smell what appears to be hot electronics. Truck surges a bit, but I make it home.

I pull truck into the garage (diagonally) because I intend to vacuum and the truck is huge. I retrieve the Check Engine code and its P1011 (related to fuel system). I clear the code and attempt to start the truck up. I hear no fuel pump and the truck refuses to fire. I call Utah Diesel Center yet again and am told that Cameron has gone home for the day. I phone Cameron on his cell, but get voicemail and leave a voicemail reporting this issue.

26 October (Thursday). I contact AAA to get a tow truck to again have my truck returned to Utah Diesel Center. Tow truck arrives at ~0708 and we proceed to load the truck. Not easy because power steering doesn't work and my truck was not at a particularly decent angle to be pulled onto the flatbed. Tow truck departs my house around 0730. I assume the truck was delivered at Utah Diesel Center by or around 0830. At 0830, I have a conference to attend at Executech in Sandy. The conference concluded at 1000, so I drove out to Utah Diesel Center. My truck was there, but in the lot and not being worked on. I was not happy.

At 1400, I phone and am informed that truck is ready, but its sitting for a bit so it can be tested again. I asked "please, please, please.. Phone me for a final status", but never received that phone call. At 1609, I phoned again and am told the truck is ready. I asked for final disposition and exactly what happened and "Brandy" indicates she doesn't know, but it had something to do with the power wire to the fuel pump coming off". She also mentions they found a code in the tuner and installed the fuel relief valve. (Wasn't that valve supposed to have been installed already?) I ask to speak with Cameron or whomever the mechanic is, but am told nobody is around. So, just like that, I'm blown off without even the courtesy of a personal phone call and/or apology for these constant issues with the truck.

At ~1900, I picked up the truck from your lot. We made it all the way to I-15 Northbound and just hit the Bangerter exit when the truck stalled and died (as though out of fuel). I hit the emergency flashers (I was in the lane of travel) and ran out with a roadside flare. After about 15 attempts to start the truck to no avail, I phoned AAA. It took AAA more than an hour to arrive. In that time, I narrowly avoided serious rear-end collision multiple times. Fortunately, UHP arrived on scene and for the remaining ~30-45 minutes, at least I was relatively free from collision.

Once on the tow truck, I had him hit a fuel station and we filled the truck. I attempted to start it again, but no success.

We got home, unloaded and I put the battery charger on the truck. My batts were down to 45% charge. Once they reached 65%, I again attempted to start the truck and after 3 crank attempts, it did start and continued to idle by itself.

So, 10 October to 2200 on 26 October, and after paying $5900 for services, I have a less reliable truck than when I started and I'm now $20,000 invested in this lack of reliability. ($10,000 for the transmission, $5900 at Utah Diesel Center and $4000 at Larry H. Miller for suspension and sunroof repair).

Some concerns that I hope Utah Diesel Center will seriously address:

·        Improved customer service overall: Front desk ladies and Cameron

·        Be proactive and contact your customers and set expectations and educate on the issues

·        Don't require your customer to address things like Filing the warranty for the FASS, ensuring return of the core transmission, calling RevMax to work through the issues, etc. These are things that Utah Diesel Center should have facilitated. When it became clear you weren't going to handle the FASS warranty, I asked that at the very least, a mechanic under my truck recover the FASS serial number, but even that didn't happen! When I was told you wouldn't handle returning the PRE-PAID core transmission, I had to facilitate a truck and return in your lobby!

·        Attention to detail. Fix and/or upgrade things correctly the FIRST TIME. Examples of poor quality include: Fuel filler to fuel tank not attached, fuel pump not seated correctly, fuel pump wiring not affixed properly. These are not FASS issues. These are Utah Diesel Center issues and are directly attributable to poor focus on quality or detail.

·        Apologizing for a customer having to return would go a long way. I had to drive in constantly to/from Murray, Utah. Easily a 40 minute drive one way. The time, expense and fuel could have been unnecessary if "Attention to detail" were a focus and priority.

·        If a customer provides written instructions and documentation, READ IT! It became very evident by Thursday of week 1 that the RevMax instructions were not observed or read; thereby putting my RevMax warranty in jeopardy.

·        For a job that was "supposed" to be 3 days, it ended up taking over 3 weeks of my fuel, life, time, energy and patience. I find this totally unacceptable.

       So, what's a person to do? I filed a small claims court suit in Oct. Today (6 Feb 2018), we had our court date. UDC was a no-show. The judge sided with me based on factual evidence.


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