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Utah RV Rental review

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I sure hoped this would be a positive review, but it won't be. I have owned and still have a 43' 5th wheel Toy Hauler. Truck was in service, so instead of cancelling a trip, we rented.

Issues we had along the way:

-Lost two hub caps (one rear, one front along I-70 and I-15; one rear heading East, one front heading West). Found the rear after walking I-70 for 2 miles in the median (sketchy!)
-Water heater after 2 hours would fail, resulting in flames coming out the side of the RV in bursts. Only fix was to turn off the water heater.
-On every instance of turning on the furnace, it would trigger the CO2 sensor inside. Only solution was to turn off the furnace, stay cold and open windows and freeze more!
-Sewer hose had a broken tang resulting in sewage all over the ground and my feet. Does nobody inspect these?
-Toilet in the rig didn't hold a seal, so stink from black tank permeated the RV. Time to replace the seal or toilet, I think..
-A side door opened up on the drive home, resulting in my losing one camp chair and a camp table. Those slam doors don't seem to stay closed, unlike my 5th wheel. I had to replace both at a cost of about $125 (these were mine, not Utah RV Rentals)

I realize these rentals could be abused, but hubcaps and sewer hose are easy inspection items. Please also inspect the propane components as we also noticed there was NO BATTERY in the FIRE/SMOKE detector after an hour of CO2 alarms and trying to figure out where the alarm originated from!

My 4 day  trip cost me a ton, because they charged me $300 in "damages" for hub-caps that I had ZERO CONTROL OVER. 

I literally got less than 10 minutes to inspect the rig upon departure, but they sure spent a great deal of time upon return to check for stuff they could nickel-and-dime us on. $1300 for 4 days.. <SMH!>

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