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Flew my father in from Houston to have him join us on a first Jeep trek across the Pony Express (starting at Vernon, Utah) all the way into Wendover.

On the way, we had stops at:

Simpson Springs

Fish Springs


Gold Hill

Wendover, NV



The amount of water in the desert is surreal. Who would have thought how much wildlife and water (fresh springs) existed in the expanse of Utah west desert!

After an overnight with some Blackjack at a Wendover casino, we proceeded due north toward the north end of the Pilot Peak Range. Patterson Pass is a great route to a scenic overlook:


The question posed was, do we drop down the steep and off-camber or do we turn around? The group decided we should venture over the top. While I’ve dropped down this section on ATV at least 3-4 times, I’ve never done this in a brand new Jeep Gladiator. Being off-camber in a Jeep is so much different than on an ATV!



Once at the base, I stashed a new geocache and we proceeded toward the Sun Tunnels for a late lunch.


From there, we passed through Lucin and onward toward the Devil’s Playground. From there, onward to Zaqistan:


Dad's visit to Utah

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In early February of 2009, Dad came to visit us over a weekend. It had been quite some time since the boys have seen him, so for us, it was "about time".

During his visit, he played Foosball with the boys and generally made himself available. I'm certain Alex got him hooked on Industrial metal-rock (Megadeth, Metallica, etc), but that's a story for another day.

Much like Mom's visit earlier the previous year, I decided to take Dad (through the snow) on the same exact ATV route Mom was on; Dad was towed at least 9+ times during our outing. I'm certain he had a great time, even though he froze his ass off during the ride!

A few photos from that adventure:

Snowbusting.jpgHilltip.jpgDSCF0002 (Medium).JPG

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