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Halloween 2013

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While I try to allocate time to document and upload photos/videos from the past few months, I thought I'd share our dogs in full costume for Halloween 2013:

Dogs of war!


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A few months prior to resigning my position with Nelson Labs, I agreed to come into the office at 7am to participate in another "Film Fest" video before heading out for a weekend of camping.


This video is the result:


28 Days Later, Zombie Apocalypse (339mb)


After leaving the company, this brief tribute was played before the entire company. In the almost 8 years in my role as CTO, I was mostly the only senior executive to participate in the fun company events, corporate games, etc. and this compilation was a tribute to the fun we had in the process.


PowerPoint Tribute to James King (24mb)

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While in Houston, Texas this week for the Microsoft Convergence conference, I decided to seek out a pair of "cowboy-style" boots. I fired up the GPS and started the search for a boot store.

While en route to Cavenders, I found myself directly behind a truck with the biggest lift and tires that I had ever seen. I could have driven directly underneath this truck with my Toyota Camry (Rental) with minimal contact.

Why? Why would somebody willingly turn a truck into a worthless eye-sore like this?

You decide:


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Netflix / Qwikster

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It would seem Netflix has reversed themselves and are not splitting DVD -v- streaming into two websites. In light of this, SNL made a pretty awesome sketch over this issue:

CNet article regarding cancellation of Qwikster spin-off:;topStories

WTF? How do you explain this image?


Google Street View's German launch has truly been like no other.

Germany is not like Brazil, where Street View seemed to unearth more dead bodies on sidewalks than can be seen in the whole repertoire of "Law and Order."

For Germany's bodies are alive with mystery. And no mystery can surely be greater than the one that appeared and has, at least temporarily, disappeared at Zwerchgasse 39 in Mannheim, Germany.

The image, which was captured by the German newspaper Der Spiegel, offers a story. The only question is: What story?

It seems to show a naked man getting out of the trunk of a car. A dog is lying in the driveway, either asleep or permanently with the angels. A broken umbrella seems to be lying near the dog.

What could all this mean?

My own view is that the greatest importance lies in what is in the yellow bottle near the car. Could it be cleaning fluid? Might something suspicious have been inside the trunk of the car? Might the man have been cleaning it out? Might he have been cleaning out a dead body? A dead body of a dog, perhaps?

If it isn't cleaning fluid, what is it? Might it have been used to poison the dog or at least to send it to sleep while its owner bravely removed a dead body from the trunk in the full joy of daylight?

The intrigue here seems endless. Might he not be naked at all? There is a chance that somewhere in there resides some shorts about his person. Might he himself have been kidnapped and shoved in that trunk, with the assailants scarpering when they saw the might of the Street View car turn the corner?

On the other hand, could this all have been staged by another German with a sense of the absurd? While almost 3 percent of Germans decided to blur out their properties on Street View, others, at least to my wicked sentiment, decided to have fun with the whole escapade.

First, there was the tenant who happened to enjoy the same office building as Google in Munich. This tenant requested that the building should be blurred. Which meant that Google had to comply with blurring its own offices.

Might this seemingly naked man in the trunk of a soft-top have a soft spot for amusing the world with an unsolvable tale of intrigue?

Google has removed this shot and says on the Street View site that it is "under review."

So one waits with cross-legged anticipation to find out whether something exciting, dangerous, or possibly even criminal might have been happening here. Or whether this was really just a (possibly) naked guy cleaning the junk in his trunk.

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Cruise ship in heavy seas

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Wow! My wife has been wanting to take a cruise for years. I wonder if this will change her mind.

Navy -v- Army

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Note: Should I be insulted? My AirForce brother used to tell me about the Marriot air conditioning while I slept under a helicopter. WTF?

High 5 Etiquette

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Too good not to share:

For the past 3 or 4 years now, I've volunteered to be Santa Claus for a friend. Our friend (Jody) runs an exceptional day care and each day sponsors and open house to visit with Santa, take photos, etc.

This year, we added a Sub-for-Santa event to collect shoes/boots for a specific elementary school. The event was a success and we collected 28 pairs of shoes.

Two very memorable photos from that day:

Before (with dog and unhappy child):


And After: Puppy was trying to eat my face.
Note: WTF?

Original Story

Safe sex may not be quite so safe in China. Police have uncovered underground workshops churning out fake condoms in the latest expose of China's counterfeit industry.

The spread of knock-off prophylactics is rampant, state media said. Users can expect little or no protection even though the condoms in question carry the most famous brand names.

The scandal surfaced when police raided a workshop in central Hunan province that was producing counterfeit condoms. The police warned that the contraceptives had already been distributed nationwide and many people may have already bought and used the poor quality items, risking both pregnancy and disease.

Police are still looking for as many as a million condoms produced by the illegal factory.

Four people have been arrested in that condom bust and police described the operation as well organised in the 20-square-metre workshop.

Bare-chested employees were found using vegetable oil to lubricate the condoms to make them smooth and shiny before placing them directly in fibre bags without bothering with sterilisation.

Since March, the workshop had turned out 2.16 million unsterilised condoms labelled as "Jissbon", "Durex", "Rough Rider", "Six Sense" and "Love Card". The workshop had earned about 80,000 yuan (£7,000).

One police officer said: "This is by far the largest case involving producing and selling fake condoms in Hunan Province."

He warned buyers that price was a good clue to a counterfeit condom. One online shop based in Hunan province was offering Durex and Six Sense condoms at 15 yuan (£1.30) per pack of 12. The normal market price for Durex condoms in supermarkets and pharmacies is 49 yuan a pack.

The owner defended his products, before hanging up the telephone. "All my products are genuine and sourced from the authorised agencies of the manufacturers."

The temptation is high to turn out fakes in China -- whether DVDs, Louis Vuitton handbags or BMW cars -- due to the low cost of labour and raw materials and the difficulty for the police in tracking down such enormous and spread-out workshops.

Officials estimate that a third of all condoms in some areas are fake. The condom market in China is the fourth-largest in the world with annual sales of about two billion. The market is important in a country with a strict family planning policy that restricts urban families to one child per couple.

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