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Via: http://www.cumminsforum.com/forum/6-7l-tech-articles/177185-6-7l-fuel-filter-change-how.html

First fuel change for this diesel. Filter was very tight but after a couple of tries with the socket drive it came loose.






I'm curious why the Mexican President feels as though he can bring a lawsuit regarding the Arizona law?


Took the quad out again Saturday to do some more riding in the Mercur/Ophir/Stockton area. My goal was to explore every side trail I could find.  
Even though I've been to this location at least a dozen times, I was surprised today when I found some trails that lead to new and interesting places.
The first new side trail was Above and just North of Jacob City. The trail climbed and climbed until it reached the peak of the mountain over Jacob City (north of). From there, a trail pressed North and would have dumped me into Soldier Canyon. Unfortunately, I had to turn around as a huge herd of bulls (horns and all) were blocking the trail, and I was in no mood to be gored by angry bulls (they were at 9800' elevation and seemed wild).

The next was N/E of Jacob City and in the neighborhood of N 40 24.034 W 112 14.720 . From this location, it would appear that I could drop all the way down to the far end of Ophir Canyon. Again, I had to turn around as a large herd of cows was blocking the trail and they refused to move.
While almost to Soldier Canyon, I ran into several members of the Northern Utah ATV Club (Gary & Co.). Thanks for stopping by, guys!

A few photos from my high elevation riding today:











There are several ways to get up there. One is along Ophir Canyon (paved road) at about: N 40 23 102 W 112 14.070. Another, which makes for a great loop is around: N 40° 20.355 W 112° 17.335 and then you could also come in from Stockton around: N 40 25.300 W 112 19.255.
All staging locations are very easy. It's not until you deviate from the marked trails that some of the riding gets a bit more aggressive.  
In fact, from the Stockton location, you could drive a regular truck most of the way up before the trail narrows to just ATV width. 

Tent, food and at least an extra 5gal. fuel required. We will cross two mountain ranges, hit elevations in excess of 12,000', encounter all manner of wildlife and have an awesome time. Who's coming along? You will need an ATV of 50" or less width.

Fillmore to Marysvale (or further).

Over Memorial weekend, we made the 5 hour journey South-East (30 miles from the Colorado border), just off I-70 at exit 131. Our goal was to enjoy a new section of the San Rafael Swell (the Swell) and camp along the North side, instead of our usual location near Temple Mountain and Goblin Valley. The North side is chock full of great off roading adventures, to include :The Devils Racetrack, Buckhorn wash/draw, Head of Sinbad and many others. The most enjoyable and challenging area of riding was easily the Devil's Racetrack. Although I knew about this location, we didn't plan on riding it until we stumbled upon the trailhead. With us were my 15 year old son (Alex), my 12 year old son (Nick), my nephews (Zach, Skyler), my neice (Megan) and my brother-in-law and his friend Jeff. I decided to ride up for the first 3 miles or so to determine if the kids could make it. There were a few rugged stair climbs and slick rock sections, but after that, it seemed to level out. I turned around and indicated that we could probably get the entire group up. What a mistake that was... A few photos from the trip:




This guy was stinking up the area and completely blocking the trail. I had to winch him off the trail.

Underneath him were frogs, apparently eating away at the underside of this sheep. Carnivorous frogs?


Our first planned ride and Zach’s machine blows out the CVT belt less than 2 miles from camp!


The “Head of Sinbad”


Rest break along Coal Wash:


One of the many natural arches we encountered:


Zach and GF climbing the rock pile.


Spectators at the top of the Devils Racetrack.


Too large a 5th wheel trailer?

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After having taken our new rig out three times since May, I’m now thinking we may have bit off more than we can chew. On my first real outing, I went out alone to hold a campsite for two days while friends and family arrived. Since I was alone, I had to navigate the RW395 by myself. Unfortunately, a tree jumped out and grabbed the entire right side of the rig, punching a small hole in our front door. After getting back home and backing this beast into our driveway (RV spot), I pulled forward just a little and somehow the rig grabbed our gate and got wedged. The only solution was to cut that entire side of the gate down.

Camp (Wickiup area, San Rafael Swell)




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