In search of the new Paiute PST336 trail

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On Saturday, 25 Sept, 4 of us met up just off I-70 at the Clear Creek road exit. Our goal was to run North to find the newly marked PST336 trail.

We unloaded and started running the Pahvant range starting at the PST15. We ran nearly to Adelaide campground when we figured we must have missed the trail, so we backtracked, but not before myself and one other got a great bee-sting direct to the neck.

We backtracked a good ~5 or so miles before we sign the sign for "Charlesworth Valley" with a not so obvious PST336 marker, so we turned West and went down the trail.

Oddly enough, the trail starts as a 50" restricted, but the PST336 only lasted maybe .25 miles before it became the PST19 (also a new trail), that lasted maybe 5 miles before it too was renamed the PST20 (also a new trail), taking us all the way into Kanosh.

We had heard others refer to this trail as a "Challenge Course". Other than being narrow and ledgy, it was a nice winding, tree-lined trail into Kanosh.

GPSr tracks of the ride:

A few photos:
PST20 after .25 miles of the PST336


PST19 after leaving ~5 miles of the PST20:


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