On 3 November, Mike and I staged at Little Moab. Our singular goal was to run Rattlensnake Canyon, a narrow 50" trail that drops down over the top of the mountain to the North end of the Tintic range. Having untouched snow on the ground made the ride even better. A geocache has been placed near the center of the trail and can be found at:


A couple photos and GPSr tracks for this area:


GPSr Garmin tracks found here:


On ~5 October, Mike, Scott and I departed the Wasatch front at around 6:30pm en route to Circleville where we'd overnight at Butch Cassidy's Hideout Cafe' and Motel. While the Motel is quite comfy, we actually prefer to eat at the Circleville Cafe' down the street.

Our plan was to awaken Saturday morning, hit the Cafe' at 8am for a great breakfast, then ride up/over Rocky Ford en route to Antimony. What we had failed to realize was that this was the last weekend for the Elk Hunt. Hunters were easily every 100 feet along the trail down into Antimony.

Well, up Rocky Ford we went. That trail has not aged well and had several sections off-camber and ready to fall into the waterfall below.



Though it seemed as if a trailcat went half-way up, it was totally clear that hardly a machine had crossed atop the waterfall and gone further ahead. Once we passed the waterfall, we came upon two trees down across the trail. The first, we could move easily enough, but the second was too large to cut with a hand-saw and too heavy to pull aside with the winch. Up/over it we went.


Down into Antimony we went. We enjoyed great burgers/fries at the Merc, then departed back up the mountain via the PST73 switchbacks, following the Paiute 01 all the way toward Barney Lake.


After stopping to rest a bit, we went up the mountain and were surprised to find that the USFS had rerouted a mile or so of the trail at the top. We saw evidence of a hastily blocked former trail:


The ride down was uneventful, but it was a great sun-filled day, despite some cool temps.

A few videos from the climb up/down Barney Lake:

Part 1:


Part 2:


Our full route; about 126 miles total:


Garmin GPSr Tracks of the route:


Flew my father in from Houston to have him join us on a first Jeep trek across the Pony Express (starting at Vernon, Utah) all the way into Wendover.

On the way, we had stops at:

Simpson Springs

Fish Springs


Gold Hill

Wendover, NV



The amount of water in the desert is surreal. Who would have thought how much wildlife and water (fresh springs) existed in the expanse of Utah west desert!

After an overnight with some Blackjack at a Wendover casino, we proceeded due north toward the north end of the Pilot Peak Range. Patterson Pass is a great route to a scenic overlook:


The question posed was, do we drop down the steep and off-camber or do we turn around? The group decided we should venture over the top. While I’ve dropped down this section on ATV at least 3-4 times, I’ve never done this in a brand new Jeep Gladiator. Being off-camber in a Jeep is so much different than on an ATV!



Once at the base, I stashed a new geocache and we proceeded toward the Sun Tunnels for a late lunch.


From there, we passed through Lucin and onward toward the Devil’s Playground. From there, onward to Zaqistan:


Europe Family Trip - 2019

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Europe 2019 trip..
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Two years in the making, planning and setting aside $ to take my Wife, Two sons, youngest son's girlfriend and my Mom (lives in TX). Six of us total.

Agenda was:

Rent a VW Diesel passenger van at the Munich Germany airport, drive:
3 days in Munich, Germany
4 days in Austria (Salzburg area)

Return the Van at the Salzburg, AU train station, take a 4 hour train trip to Zurich, Switzerland.

3 days in Switzerland

Uber to the Airport, catch ALITALIA airlines to Rome, Italy.

5 days in Rome

What did we do?

For the first two days in Germany, we did a WW2 tour of the Dachau concentration camp, then into Berchesgaden to see the Eagles Nest, Hitlers Home below the Eagles nest (he didn't live at the top of the mountain, despite most stories), all the various bunkers and hidden WW2 sites that still exist. In Austria, we spent time in Salzburg and surrounding small farming communities. We hit the Alps.

In Switzerland, we learned that that tiny country costs almost double as Germany and Austria, but our time was spent in/around Zurich, up the mountain via tram and took a steam powered paddle ship around Lake Zurich.

In Italy, we spent time bouncing between ancient Rome and a 2 hour train trip south to the coastal town of Naples.

Take 1 Utah DNR Trail Host Video

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Utah DNR Trail Video

Video taken in ~12F atop the Barracks trail near Kanab Utah.

Trail Map found here: Kanab_Area_OHV.pdf

GPSr tracks found here: Fillmore-to-Salina-Richfield.gdb

On 10 June, my friend Aaron and I took off at 0630 AM en route to the Fillmore KOA. Our objective was to run the PST03 (Chalk Creek), up and over the mountain, dropping down into Aurora, then proceeding into Salina for lunch.



At elevation, temps were easily 55-60F, while in the low land of Salina, temps were low 90's. What a contrast in temperatures.


While up top, we decided to check out a little side trail named: Bear Hallow. What a nice run through wild flowers to a cattle pond at the base.



In April, my youngest son Nick and my friend Scott departed Utah for Oklahoma City, OK. Final destination was a small town to the SW (about an hours drive) called: Gracemont. Final destination was: No Mercy Hunting.


Nick got the first kill from a tree stand, followed shortly by me from a stalk, then Scott. The final pig was the largest of the entire hunt, a sau on the run. My weapon of choice: Henry .45-70 with Hornaday 335gr ballistic tip.


A few photos:




All told, I shipped back 150 pounds of processed pork: Chops, ground pork, roasts, etc. Delta unfortunately didn't have a clear policy on how to check-in coolers with frozen meat and the check-in process was a total cluster.

In March of 2017, my friend Aaron (known as the "Moose") and I decided to stage in Green River for a trek to the old ghost town of Sego via Thompson Springs. We approached from the West and ran some cow-rutted trail until we crossed a cattle gate and thankfully got out of that decimated trail.


A few photos and GPSr tracks from this run!



GPSr tracks here:


GPSr tracks for the entire 5Mile & Eureka area found  here:

It's New Years weekend and its 10F outside with much snow on the ground. I've been cooped up for 5-6 weeks due to work, then illness.

The sun will be out (sort of), but temps will be cold. I decide that a ride (solo) from 5 Mile Pass to Eureka is in order. The Polaris has new Elka Stage 4 shocks, new gnarly tires and I'm ready to get outside.

The ride starts off with trails that have been run many times and the snow has turned to ice, so staying in a straight line is tough.

Once I get toward 12 Mile Pass, however - its a whole new ball game and the snow is virgin. No tire tracks at all. Somewhere along the route from 12 Mile Pass to the West of Allen Ranch Road, I slide just enough to hit a rock. I didn't realize my tire had gone flat for a few miles because this tire is TOUGH (despite the sidewall gash).  I pull over, retrieve the air compressor and proceed to inflate the tire in hopes of finding the leak.. it didn't take long to see and hear the air escaping from the massive gash. Bummer. Literally, BRAND NEW tires. 


After 30 minutes of trying to get 5 plugs to hold, I proceed through deep snow via Chilius Pass and down into the West side of Eureka.

It's not near 1pm and I'm ready for lunch. HWY6 Diner is in order. The food and view are both nice.

The return route was uneventful.

Whats the lesson to be learned? At 10F and in deep and frozen snow, even the best tires can fail. Always be prepared to address the issue.



So, I've owned a Note3&4 since prior to then being in full release. Yes, I was an early adopter and pre-ordered those devices. I kept that phone longer than I usually keep any smartphone because I didn't care for the Note 5 specs. 

I liked having a removable battery and SD card, spec's the NOTE5 didn't seem to support. 

When I heard about the Note7, it was advertised as a removable battery and memory card; sadly only 50% of that was true.

So, I pre-ordered the Note7 from Verizon's website. The process was painful because each time I placed an order for one phone, their site would place an order for like 3x phones. The only solution was to go into a Verizon store to have the orders cancelled; I had to do this 2 times before a proper order took.

Then, miraculously, my Note7 arrived in the mail and literally 2 weeks later I started getting texts, messages and announcements that I should power it down. Really? A $900 phone and I need to stop using it like now!?!?

So, I pay my first visit to the Utah Jordan Landing Verizon store where the VZW rep says "Don't bother turning it in, because I'm not.. we're expecting to have replacement devices by X date".

I then return at "X date" and am told that it will still be another 2 weeks and to not bother turning my phone in, despite the warnings.

So, mid-Sept arrives and I'm customer #2 in line at the 10am opening of our local VZW store. There are about a dozen customers in line for the same thing.. returning their Note7's.

At 9:50am, I hand my phone over (it was silver), and am given a BLACK version (that's all we have, says the VZW rep). He then takes almost 2 hours to "try to backup my phone" so the config is the same. He fails. I end up with a black phone, when I bought a silver unit and I have to set it up form scratch. I then go to my online Verizon account and notice no $25 credit was issued.

So, in the end, I commit to buying a $900 phone, have to worry about it burning down my property for like 3 weeks, have to take time off from work to replace, the actual process takes 2 hours and still fails, I get no phone/service credit and end up with a black phone when I originally ordered a Silver. How is that for satisfaction??!

Samsung and Verizon.. REALLY?! You can't do better than this?

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